Where do oysters live in Long Island Sound?

Answer Oysters live in a number of areas of shallow water in Long Island Sound, including Oyster Bay in New York state and the bays in Norwalk and near New Haven, Connecticut. The most common oyster is th... Read More »

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Where on Long Island do snapper turtles live?

Snapping turtles are a freshwater species found throughout the state of New York. On Long Island, snapping turtles have been found in small, shallow ponds and in Long Island Sound, and can be as lo... Read More »

What Plants Live Out of the Water in Long Island Sound?

Long Island Sound is an estuary situated between the northern shore of Long Island, New York and the southern shore of Connecticut. Several rivers drain into the saltwater bay, including the Connec... Read More »

How long do people live with HIV?

The amount of time that a person lives after being infected by HIV is not known. However, through the use of antiretroviral therapy, people with the condition can live over 20 years after they have... Read More »

How long do people live with AIDS?

Life expectancy for people diagnosed with AIDS can be as long as 69 years for patients who seek immediate medical treatment. Medical developments since 2000 are increasing life expectancies from di... Read More »