How many people live in populated areas in the world?

Answer As of July 2010, the population of the world is almost 7 billion people. The most populous countries are China and India, both with more than 1 billion people. The United States is third, with more... Read More »

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Have Koala bears killed people in Australia Are they destroyed if they come into populated areas?

Oh dear lord! No,Koalas aren't bears,they are marsupials for a start.They are little small animals & are protected in Australia.

Do most people in Japan live in rural or urban areas?

Approximately two-thirds, or 66 percent, of Japan's 129 million residents live in urban areas, according to statistics released in 2008. Tokyo, Japan's largest city, contains roughly 10 percent of ... Read More »

Which areas of the world are people most at risk for HIV infections?

How many French people live in the world?

According to "Languages of the World," from, 67.8 million people in the world speak French as a primary language, distributed among 60 different countries. The CIA World FactBook cit... Read More »