I'm 15 Years Old And I Live In Nashville Tn What s A Job I Can Apply For At My Age?

Answer my first 2 jobs before 18 included a ski shop and a pump jockey at a local service station (remember those?).

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Should people who live unhealthy lifestyles have to pay more for insurance than people who live healthy lifest?

Theoretically, yes.In practice, no. Do you want the insurance health cops tracking how much fast food you ate this week? I don't think so.-->Adam

How many people live in BBC?

Yes,If you google it and go to the wikipedia link it tells you that they will.

How many people over 18 live in America?

The latest statistics (2008) from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that 75.7 percent of people in the United States are over the age of 18, according to the USCB's QuickFacts. This equates to about 23.... Read More »

Can people live with out a liver?

No, you can't live without a liver. It performs over 500 functions (filtering, metabolism, blood clotting, etc). Unfortunately, there is no dialysis for a failing liver. How much worse can it get?... Read More »