Should people who live unhealthy lifestyles have to pay more for insurance than people who live healthy lifest?

Answer Theoretically, yes.In practice, no. Do you want the insurance health cops tracking how much fast food you ate this week? I don't think so.-->Adam

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Does anyone have any information on adopting from Mexico I live in California and my partner and I are very interested in adopting from either California or Mexico as we are 3 hours from their border?

There is an adoption agencies here in Espanola, New Mexico. Every few times a year they will have a display of the children available for adoption and information on them. To get more information..... Read More »

Is it safe to live in Guaymas, Mexico?

On One Hand: It Is Safe to Live in GuaymasGuaymas is a seaport and a friendly tourist town, according to Mexico Vacation Travels. In addition, according to First Choice Realty, some Americans feel ... Read More »

Who were the first people living in Mexico?

Long before the rise of the Aztec, Mayan and Toltec empires, Mexico was ruled by the Olmecs. The Olmec people established a sophisticated culture of art, agriculture and trade in the states now kno... Read More »

How do people in Mexico earn a living?

In the last 20 years, a new generation of Americans has been moving to Mexico. These are people who still have to work in some way to support themselves.CommutingIn some cases, the family economy i... Read More »