How many people in Canada are obese?

Answer A study in 2004 by Michael Tjepkema for Canada discovered 23.1 percent of adult Canadians, or 5.5 million people aged 18 or over, were obese. A further 36.1 percent, or 8.6 million, were overweight... Read More »

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How many people immigrate to Canada?

According to the 'Facts and Figures' page of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a total of 247,243 immigrants arrived in Canada in 2008 (the most recent year for which data are available). The fi... Read More »

How many people in Canada have herpes?

Approximately 8,000,000 people in Canada suffer from herpes. The exact number is unknown, because the Canadian government does not track such statistics. That number is extrapolated by Health Grade... Read More »

How many people in Canada speak French?

In Canada, nearly 8.6 million people speak French. In 2001, the exact number of French-speaking Canadians was 6,741,955. The specific variety of French spoken in Canada is now referred to as Canadi... Read More »

How many people in canada have asthma?

In May 2010, about 3 million people in Canada had asthma, a chronic lung disease that can cause shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing--all symptoms of asthma attacks, according to the Asthma S... Read More »