If parents live in different states Alabama Mississippi can child choose which parent they want to live with at age 14?

Answer AnswerThe general age of consent is 18 years unless it is detrimental for a child to reside with one parent. Most states are "best interest" states. Ask yourself? What is in the best interest of th... Read More »

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Should people who live unhealthy lifestyles have to pay more for insurance than people who live healthy lifest?

Theoretically, yes.In practice, no. Do you want the insurance health cops tracking how much fast food you ate this week? I don't think so.-->Adam

In Alabama can a 13 year old decide who they want to live with?

Only Indiana and Texas has laws setting out a specific age at which a child can make a choice the court is required to abide by, and even than there are some limitations. With those states, it is a... Read More »

Do coyotes live in northern Alabama?

According to the Encyclopedia of Alabama, there are many mammals that inhabit Alabama. Coyotes are one of the three canine carnivore species that dominated before human civilization, and they still... Read More »

How old can you be to choose which parents you want to live with in Alabama?

Answer 16 The true age is 19. You are a legal adult at 19, and can live were ever you wish. The court system may take into consideration a minor, 14 years old and up, wishs to live with one paren... Read More »