How many people knew this(and be honest)?

Answer wow... it didn;t work.. and i thought u weere just playing a game with us.. didnt know that.. u deserve 10 points!!!

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Need people who will be honest...?

My dad died of cancer, small cell lung cancer, that only comes from cigarette smoke. You don't have to ask me my opinion!!!!His bones disolved from the cancer before he died.I have to ask, since we... Read More »

CARNIVORES: Would you give up meat if you knew it could save millions of people?

I'm already a vegetarian, so I suppose I can't really respond to your question.I found this fascinating and informative, but I do have one nitpick/question: "The 110,000 slaughtered every year in t... Read More »

How to Be Honest Without Hurting People's Feelings?

Everyone makes mistakes. But not everyone is always aware that they made a mistake. Who has to be the one to tell them? In this case, you. Here is how to go about doing that without hurting someone... Read More »

Why do people ask a question but not want to hear an honest answer?

People want to get answers from people who only agree with them. Else you get a thumbs down and certainly not a Best Answer. My question is, then.....why bother asking?