How many people jailbreak they ipod's?

Answer In my opinion the people who have i pods,i phones are Almost using jail-breaking.

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Can you enable home screen wallpapers and multitasking on iOS 4.0 iPod touch using a jailbreak after your iPods already updated. As in not using the original update file but to plug in and jailbreak?

With RedSn0w there is the option (when jailbreaking) to add multitasking and a homescreen wallpaper.

Can you jailbreak iPods without their firmware?

depends on what ios you have. go here to find out... good luck

Are ipods as bad as people say?

I know a lot of people with ipods who love them. I researched many MP3 player and decided to go with the Creative Zen Vision M. I read many complaints that the ipods battery life is shorter and tha... Read More »

What do some people hate iPods?

Because that's the way people are. They have to love or hate something to be "cool" in their subculture of choice. It's basically the same as the kids who are like "I'm cool because I love [insert ... Read More »