How many people think that a new born is ugly?

Answer ha ha No your not alone.... personally My opinion is that once the baby looses the "squished through a vagina look" they start looking much cuter... (usually after a week or so) but the wonderfu... Read More »

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How many people do you know that ride Harleys?

No BQ: Edgar Winter Group Free Ride…

How many people a day find out that they have cancer?

Every day, there will be around 35,000 people around the world who will find out they have cancer. On average, that means there are more than 12 million people diagnosed with cancer each year.Sourc... Read More »

Is it true that the people listed under "friends" on facebook are the people that visited your profile last?

This list in any way does not depend on your friends' activity. I know that it sometimes includes those people which haven't opened their accounts for weeks together, so it'll be quite foolish to t... Read More »

Why do so many people refuse to accept that Wikipedia is very accurate?

If you honestly believe "that Wikipedia is very accurate," then your standards for accuracy must be extremely low. Sure you have to make concessions in favor of Wikipedia to even be able to compare... Read More »