How many people in the world use chopsticks?

Answer Doubt you could get any real stats for that from any source. But if 70% of China 1.3 billion people use chopsticks, it'll be 910 million; add a few tens of millions in Chinese communities around th... Read More »

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Why do Chinese people use chopsticks and not fork and spoon?

China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam food is usually eaten with chopsticks; but it was the Chinese who were the earliest culture some five thousand years ago. Their food cooked in pots required twigs t... Read More »

Why are so many people in the world so ugly?

How many people are bilingual in the world?

No set statistic exists as to how many people are bilingual in the world. However, studies suggest that the large majority of people internationally speak two or more languages. Countries, includin... Read More »

How many people can the world feed?

On One Hand: Plenty of Food ExistsThe world produces vast and diverse amounts of food. Crops continue to increase, as does our ability to transport food. "Our recent achievements are impressive," r... Read More »