What's up with the new Wendy's commercial with people kicking trees in the forest?

Answer Okay, here's my theory:They're all obviously meat eaters, therefore they're not tree HUGGERS or else they would know that the meat industry is not good for the environment, and so they are tree KIC... Read More »

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Do people with narrow eyes see the world narrower than people with wider eyes.?

i dont think so... i am oriental but i dont think my mindset is narrower than anybody...i understand and consider so many things in life but i get to chose in things i deem only acceptable to my st... Read More »

People of the world?

The big thing coming to entertainment will be holographic images in 3D movies. You will be able to see all sides at one time. In transportation, there will be supersonic airliners that will carry 5... Read More »

How many people can the world feed?

On One Hand: Plenty of Food ExistsThe world produces vast and diverse amounts of food. Crops continue to increase, as does our ability to transport food. "Our recent achievements are impressive," r... Read More »

There are 10 kinds of people in this world?

That's great joke to tell at the next meeting of the silicon diode appreciation society