Do people from Jordan wear turbans?

Answer Men in Jordan wear kaffiyehs on their heads. This is not a turban, but a rectangular cloth that is folded and then placed over the head. Most men in Jordan wear a kaffiyeh that is red and white, ac... Read More »

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Why do people give jordan almonds at weddings?

According to ancient Middle Eastern and Renaissance-era European traditions, the bittersweet taste of almonds represents life. The sugar/candy coating represents the hope that life will be more swe... Read More »

What kind of clothes do people in Jordan wear?

Jordan is a country in the Middle East whose borders include Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Palestine. The country has four seasons, with summer being very hot, winter cold, and spring and fall warm... Read More »

Who was the girl with Jordan in Crossing Jordan was almost the mother?

Who killed Jordan's mother in Crossing Jordan?

It Was Jordan's Older Brother. She Doesnt Know He Exists But In One Episode In Season 2 It Is Shown That Her Brother (Called James) Killed Their Mother As Revenge For Max Giving Him Away When He Wa... Read More »