How many people have aids world wide?

Answer In a recently published report by the World Health Organization (WHO), the HIV/AIDS department estimates that 33.4 million people worldwide are currently living with HIV--the AIDS virus. AIDS is st... Read More »

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How many people in india have aids?

As of 2009, it is estimated that 2.3 million people are living with AIDS and HIV in India. Although that number is the fourth largest of any country in the world, because of India's large populatio... Read More »

How many people in England have AIDS?

As of 2008, an estimated 83,000 people living in the United Kingdom had HIV, according to the HIV and AIDS charity Avert. Approximately 22,400 of these people were believed to be unaware they carri... Read More »

How many people in canada have aids?

According to a 2007 estimate, approximately 73,000 Canadians were infected with HIV/AIDS, the CIA World Factbook reports. This is four-tenths of one percent of the adult population, with approximat... Read More »

How many people worldwide have AIDS?

In 2008--the most recent year for which official statistics are available--33.4 million people worldwide were living with AIDS and HIV. That same year, 2.7 million people became infected with HIV a... Read More »