How many people are named canyon?

Answer I'm not sure, and I would like to know. My name is Canyon, and I made this question. If you know please answer it!

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How many times Jennifer Lopez has got married?

3 timesOjani Noa (m. 1997–1998)Cris Judd (m. 2001–2003)Marc Anthony (m. 2004-2011)

How many Grammy nominations has Jennifer Lopez received?

As of 2010, Jennifer Lopez has received two Grammy Award nominations. She earned her first nomination in 2000 for her song, "Waiting for Tonight," and a second nomination the following year for her... Read More »

How many named bones are in the body?

The human body has 206 named bones, connective tissues that provide structure to the body. The femur, which is also known as the thigh bone, is the largest bone in the human skeleton. The stirrup b... Read More »

How many babies are named Joelle?

So far as I know only 1. -Maker of this question.