How many people have you sent friend request to on facebook, but did not reply?

Answer i have 11 friend requestthat are still sitting therewaiting for me to accept

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Accidentally sent a friend request to someone on facebook?

been thereand YES, there IS a solution :)so all you do is go to privacy settings, block them, wait a couple minutes, and unblock them. this way, they dont even get the email asking to friend them o... Read More »

What happens to a friend request you sent when you deactivate your Facebook?

No, the message gets deleted. The person receiving might receive a friend request, but it will say from "nobody" or something like that, and even if they accept it wont work.

How to know to who all i have sent a facebook request to?

there is no way to tell because there is no pending requests page on facebook

What do people think when you friend request on Facebook?

Just add him! XD 37 mutual friends is kinda a lot and it won't seem awkward because it's Facebook ^-^