How many people in your phone list on your cellphone have you kissed?

Answer Haven't kissed any of them, but slept with most of them. ;-)LOLJust kidding - I have actually kissed all of them

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I haven't kissed someone yet...?

Don't worry your still young. I'm 15 and know loads of people who still haven't

My DENTIST kissed me, "What should I do"?

You should give him a "slap" to his face!You should stop seeing this dentist. Change your dentist.

Is it normal that im 16 and have never kissed a guy?

Don't worry about it. It will happen when you are really ready for it to happen. Not because you think everyone else has already. It won't be a disaster either and if it's with the right person the... Read More »

Help!! my brother kissed me. im 16 and hes 17?

sounds like you live in the trailer park. call the cops and report him, incest is illegal. ......