How many people have the ipod touch?

Answer There were about 30 million iPod touches and iPhones in the year of 2008, but since then, the iPod touch and iPhone population society has grown into an explosion. In 2009 there were almost 120 mil... Read More »

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PSP vs. iPod Touch: is it really okay for people to have these products comepete?

Hmm. I have both. The psp really sucks at internet browsing, and, imho, music as well. Its too big to be a good MP3 player. As for the touch... Its a great mp3 player- nice and small. Way more capa... Read More »

What does the up coming ipod touch 5g has that the ipod touch 4g doesn't have?

I realize someone put as an answer that it has to do with internet speeds (Between 3G and 4G), make no mistake that it has nothing to do with that, however they did increase processing speed. Apple... Read More »

How many megapixels does the ipod touch 4th gen have?

less than 1 lol i think its like .9245 somthing like that lmao but i think the ipod 5th ge will have a higer megapixel

How many GB does the 4th generation ipod touch have?

You can get in it 8GB, 32GB and 64GB, with the 8GB one being cheapest.