How to Explain English Idioms to People Who Don't Speak English?

Answer Helping people learn your language is harder than it seems. You probably want to teach them everything, but this probably won't happen. However, you CAN teach them some useful stuff, and idioms are... Read More »

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Methods for Teaching English to Non English Speaking People?

The United States is becoming even more diverse demographically.(see ref 2) As many Americans try to prepare their children for a multi-lingual society by enrolling them in schools which teach othe... Read More »

Do the English people eat English muffins,?

I'm English and yes, I eat English muffins. We used to just call them muffins and that's what you got, but now, with the invasion of the US cakey type muffin then you probably have to specify whet... Read More »

How does the internet get over the english channel?

Via submarine cables primarily. Fibre optic cables are laid along the sea bed to join countries.You can see what happens when these links fail from the source news article below. This quote is al... Read More »

How to Swim the English Channel?

You will need to be an excellent endurance swimmer before even contemplating swim across the English Channel, the "Everest of open-water swimming". Increasing numbers of people want to do this but ... Read More »