How many people have satellite TV?

Answer Though a recent official source stating the number of people that subscribe to satellite TV is not easily accessible, a 1999 report by the U.S. government stated that "nearly 10 million people subs... Read More »

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Why do most people pay for cable when you can have it for free via satellite?

You have to get your internet somehow. Armstrong Cable where I am provides phone, internet, and cable as a package deal that you simply can't beat. If you watch a particular show everyday you will ... Read More »

How do I view people's homes via satellite?

Point your browser to Google and click on the "Maps link" which is located in the top left to bring up Google Maps. You should see a map image in the right task panel and "Get Directions" on the le... Read More »

Why there aren't any people on the steets on satellite images from google earth?

Perhaps the reason why people don't show up is that the images are high resolution aerial photos but still only using 2-foot pixels, which is about the size of a person from above, so a person will... Read More »

Footprint coverage of satellite 103 b from directv - will the satellite signals cover south of Mexico?

Yes it may be the satellite also may become a 104 d if money awnsers.So the awmser is Yes it may beYes it may be the satellite also may become a 104 d if money awnsers.So the awnser is Yes it may b... Read More »