How many people have myspace?

Answer About a million =]its the bomb fa sho

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How can people on myspace and facebook have so many friends?

Some people just add whoever, so it looks like they know a lot of people when in actuallity they know like 10. Its a big popularity contest.

On average, how many times do people change their Facebook/MySpace profile picture a day?

.05 times per day (about once every 20 days)

Do you ever "stalk" people you have a crush on, on Facebook/Myspace?

Lol yeah it isnt stalking tho cause that makes us sound like... Well .. Just Crazy!! haha we are just having a look at their photos and seeing wat they have been upto n stuff lol =] xxx

How many of you have a myspace?

i do, and i am on it about everyday sometimes 2-3 times a day... i have found soooo many friends i used to hang out's great