How long have earthworms lived on earth?

Answer According to experts at Utah State University Cooperative Extension, earthworms have been all over the world for about 120 million years. They live in warm moist soil, with the smallest measuring 1... Read More »

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What is the name of that SCIFI show where about 5 people need to save the earth after they were shown what was going to happen and were sent back in time The intro had the earth exploding?

Travel: question for people who've lived in different countries lot ?

My job was transferred from the US to Italy so I was never out of work. The company paid for the move. I didn't move a lot of furniture or bulky items, so I brought enough funds to pay for a deposi... Read More »

Looking for the name of a childrens show maybe late 80s-90s where people were dressed and made up like different animals. I think they lived in a carnival or circus or something. Please help?

Why on Earth do so many people get hit by trains?

This question has been asked ever since the railroads began, and some of the answers above have touched on it, if I may expand.Accidents do happen wherein people are killed and not always because o... Read More »