How many people have epilepsy?

Answer According to the Epilepsy Foundation, almost 3 million people in the United States suffer from epilepsy and other seizure disorders. By the age of 75, about 3 percent of Americans will develop epil... Read More »

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How many people die from epilepsy every year?

Epilepsy is a serious condition but, thanks to medications, excellent doctor care and patient education, can be controlled. People do die from epilepsy as a result of prolonged seizures. There is n... Read More »

What kind of people are looking for a cure for epilepsy?

Many kinds of people conduct research or otherwise assist in finding cures and treatments for epilepsy. They include scientists who specialize in behavioral science, biology, biochemistry or neuro... Read More »

Can people with epilepsy live normal lives?

On One Hand: Treatment Often Successfully Controls EpilepsyMayo Clinic notes that most patients with epilepsy respond well to anti-seizure medication or surgical treatment. Because choosing the rig... Read More »

What is epilepsy 10 pts?

Nope epilepsy is just that; recurrent seizures. It does not make you different. Neurons fire electrical signals in your brain constantly. People with epilepsy have abnormal electrical discharges wh... Read More »