Why do so many people think we get tattooed/pierced to "follow the crowd" ?

Answer people say these things out of sheer ignorance. they honestly don't know any better and they believe that the only reason anybody would ever ruin their body is to get attention.they are of course w... Read More »

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Why don't people show their avatars avatars are much cooler then the little smiley face deale bobs?

I think what's written is the important thing, not some silly picture on the side.If you want to put a picture, go ahead. I couldn't be bothered.

How many people have a tv in there bedroom?

me. unless you mean a trans vestite then no i dont

Are there a many adopted people who don't have children?

I'm adopted, and was intentionally childless until I was 38. I knew I wanted children, but would not consider having them until I was in a place emotionally, financially, etc. where I could do the... Read More »

How to Make a Mad Face Smiley?

When chatting online or sending a text to a friend, you might want to express your angst without having to type out the words, "I'm mad!" With smileys, also called "emoticons," you can make a mad f... Read More »