Addicted to Myspace!! I want to get away from myspace...i don't want to delete my account but...?

Answer when trying to quit anything, you have to wean off of it slowly. if you just quit one day then you'll have the strongest urge to go back to it the other. limit your time on the computer, chopping o... Read More »

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How to Set Up a Myspace Account?

MySpace was created in 2002 and hit its peak in 2006 when it became the top social networking website in the United States. It has since given up the top spot to other social networking websites, b... Read More »

I want a myspace account!!!!!!!!!!?

Tell her that you can make the profile "private" so that only your friends can see it. Also tell her [if you're willing to] that she can check your profile every once in a while to make sure you do... Read More »

*!((--♥Why is my myspace account being so gay♥--))!*?

That's so gay. Check your age. Under 18 will automatically would be private.

How to Cancel Your MySpace Account?

Removing yourself from is actually an easy process.