Should America permit the FDA to ban all herbs, supplements and natural healing aids?

Answer Greenthought,This is a guidance document only, not new regulations.This guidance document does not change anything. If you make disease claims for carrot juice, then it is subject to regulation as ... Read More »

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How many people die every day from AIDS?

According to the U.S. Agency for International Development, 5,500 people die from AIDS daily. In 2008, about two million people died, with 25 million deaths recorded since the beginning of the AIDS... Read More »

How do people get AIDS?

By sex. sharing drug needles, blood transfusion

How many people worldwide have AIDS?

In 2008--the most recent year for which official statistics are available--33.4 million people worldwide were living with AIDS and HIV. That same year, 2.7 million people became infected with HIV a... Read More »

How many people in England have AIDS?

As of 2008, an estimated 83,000 people living in the United Kingdom had HIV, according to the HIV and AIDS charity Avert. Approximately 22,400 of these people were believed to be unaware they carri... Read More »