How many people had television when it was invented?

Answer Television broadcasting actually preceded television sets; the first broadcast drama in America was, "The Queen's Messenger," in 1928. TV officially made its debut with the 1939 World Fair broadcas... Read More »

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When was digital television invented?

The invention of digital television began in 1968 when the Japanese television network NHK began working on what became known as high-definition television (HDTV). This technology was first present... Read More »

When was cable television invented?

The use of cable installation to watch television stations reportedly began in November of 1949, according to the American Heritage website. An article in the "Sylvania News" referenced a man named... Read More »

When was the television remote control invented?

In 1950, Zenith invented the first remote control, which it called "Lazy Bones." It connected to the TV using a wire. In 1955, through the use of ultrasonic sound research, Zenith invented the firs... Read More »

When was the first big-screen television invented?

The first giant-screen projection television made its appearance in 1973. By 1995, enhancements to wide screens and flat screens made to the CRT-based TV came on the scene. The first generation lar... Read More »