How many people get gray hair in their 20s?

Answer Most people will begin to get gray hair in their late 20's. According to Diagnose Me, "Premature graying is defined as gray hair onset before late teens for Caucasians and before age 30 in Africans... Read More »

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Why Do People Have Gray Hair?

Gray hair is often viewed as a sign of aging or extreme stress. However, many individuals are not familiar with the complex reasons behind gray hair. Does this Spark an idea?

Why Do People Get Premature Gray Hair?

People often use the words objective and goal interchangeably. In the field of education, however, they have two distinct functions. Goals define the purpose of the class and what information shoul... Read More »

Why does hair turn gray as people get older?

Getting gray hair is an inevitable part of aging. While there is little you can do to reverse the trend once it starts--aside from applying hair coloring--there are specific reasons why it happens.... Read More »

Why Does Hair Turn Gray or White As People Age?

As we age, our body loses mass, skin loses elasticity and hair loses its color. Whether or not your hair will go gray---and when and how gray it will get---has much to do with your genetic coding. ... Read More »