How many people file for bankruptcy on a daily basis?

Answer According to the statistical reports of the US Bankruptcy Courts, there were slightly more than 1.4 million bankruptcy filings in Fiscal Year 2009 (FY2009), which ended September 30, 2009. This am... Read More »

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How many people watch ESPN on a daily basis?

People get attracted to ESPN because they want to watch sportscenter to see what they missed or to watch whatever is on like nascar or a football game

How much time do people watch TV on a daily basis?

According to a Nielsen Co. report, Americans in 2009 watched about five hours of television per day. This is an all-time high for TV viewing. The increase is probably related to economic conditions... Read More »

What makes people CLENCH their teeth and how come I do it on a daily basis!?

Anxiety. I do it, too. I have to get a night guard. I actually bruise my teeth from that and grinding. If your often stressed and anxious, you may have an anxiety disorder. When I was younger, I wo... Read More »

Can married people file bankruptcy by themselves?

A debtor always has the option to file for bankruptcy independently--even if he's married. If only one spouse files for bankruptcy, however, the other spouse may still be liable for joint debts acc... Read More »