How many people eat at fast food chains per day?

Answer In the United States, more than 25 percent of the population eat at a fast food restaurant each day, spending close to $100 billion per year. World-wide, the McDonald's franchise alone serves 46 mi... Read More »

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Are there any healthy fast food chains in the USA?

Chipoltle Mexican uses some organic ingredients.

Job Description for Assistant Managers in Fast Food Chains?

Assistant managers at fast-food chains support the managers and daily operations by ensuring established corporate policies and guidelines are followed. People in these positions need to work flexi... Read More »

Which fast food chains use free range eggs?

Organic or free range does not mean cruelty free, animals still suffer and end up being horrifically slaughtered. Even free range and organic hens can be kept thousands of birds to a shed. They nee... Read More »

Why do the same soft drinks at different restaurants and fast food chains taste different?

Fountain drink taste can be affected by many different things.Like one person mentioned, not cleaning the machine.Or not monitoring the carbonation, or fullness of the syrup feeding in to the machi... Read More »