Do I need a booster seat Car seat laws say that people below a certain height or under the age of 6 need a?

Answer i think most states have different regulations on it.. my sister is 15 and about 4'7", and around here she was still expected to be in some type of booster until approximately the age of 10. in par... Read More »

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Do most people ride in back seat with no seat belt?

yes theiris no reason to wear a seat belt if your i n the back

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How long does a child need to be in a car seat in Georgia?

until the a least 4 and then in a booster seat till there about 4'9 hope i could help

What was the first year seat belts were required in Georgia?

Georgia's seat belt law was enacted in 2000. According to this law, automobiles manufactured after 1964 cannot be sold without seat belts. In addition, passengers in the front seat and children und... Read More »