How many people do YOU know with each of these names?

Answer BoysBrennan - None as a first name. I know sisters with this as a last name.Joel - 1. My cousin. He's in his mid-30's.Vincent - 0Henry - 1. One of my best friend's from high school's dad is named t... Read More »

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What are the names of people in the US black ops?

Alex MasonJason HudsonFrank Woods (deceased)Joseph Bowman (deceased)Several other US soldiers are shown, but details are not given, as they only play support roles during the campaign.

What are the names of the 6 people on friends?

Courteney Cox Arquette (just Courteney Cox for the first few seasons) played Monica Geller Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Green Lisa Kudrow played Phoebe Buffay Matthew Perry played Chandler Bin... Read More »

How do telemarketers know people's names when they call?

Often they get your name and other personal information when you fill out surveys or forms.The most common way they get your info is when you fill out information for a prize draw.

How to Discourage People from Calling You Names?

Ugh. It's that annoying girl again! Ever since you were six and fell off the monkey bars, she's been calling you BUTTERFINGERS! Are you trying to get rid of that dumb name? Well, you've come to the... Read More »