How many people died from sleeping sickness in 2007?

Answer According to the World Health Organization, it is believed that 250,000 to 300,000 people die each year because the sleeping sickness disease is left untreated. However, the true number of deaths ... Read More »

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Who sings"Sleeping Sickness"?

"Sleeping Sickness" is a song sung by City and Colour. It is the fifth track on the album titled "Bring Me Your Love." City and Colour is an acoustic indie band.Source:Last FM: City and Colour--Sle... Read More »

Who discovered sleeping sickness?

In 1901, the sleeping sickness parasite trypanosome was discovered by a British Colonial physician named Robert Michael Forde. It was discovered in a European ship captain who traveled the Gambia R... Read More »

When was sleeping sickness discovered?

Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingston was the first person to suggest in 1852 that nagana (sleeping sickness in animals) was caused by the bite of tsetse flies. Robert Michael Forde act... Read More »

What is the scientific name for african sleeping sickness?

The scientific name for African sleeping sickness is African trypanosomiasis. Trypanosoma parasites transmitted by the tsetse fly cause the disease, which is only found in sub-Saharan Africa. Sleep... Read More »