How many people lost family in hurricane katrina?

Answer According to and Scripps Howard News Service, more than 1 million people were displaced and more than 1,800 died as a direct result of Hurricane Katrina. estimates th... Read More »

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How did Oprah Winfrey help hurricane Katrina?

she built new homes for 65 families with $10 million of her own money.

Why did NASA fly into space to look at hurricane Katrina?

Was Hurricane Katrina a natural disaster?

Hurricane Katrina was a natural hazard, which created a hybrid disaster. Hybrid disasters combine natural disasters with man-made ones. An example of this was seen in New Orleans during Katrina; wa... Read More »

How many insurance claims were made after Hurricane Katrina?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports 209,464 Hurricane Katrina-related claims as of July 31, 2007 and payments of over $15 billion. Insurance companies do not release the total nu... Read More »