How many people die of lung cancer from smoking?

Answer In the United States, approximately 80 percent of lung-cancer deaths in women and 90 percent of lung-cancer deaths in men are the result of smoking. Using those percentages, of the 159,217 deaths i... Read More »

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Do you think that smoking causes lung cancer?

A LONG TRAIL OF EVIDENCE LINKS CIGARETTE SMOKING TO LUNG CANCERAs someone who’s life has been touched by the tragic effects of cigarette smoking, I was saddened last week when the Supreme Court b... Read More »

Can you get lung cancer without smoking?

yes you can…and allso all this polution can help, some

Can u get lung cancer if u have been smoking since 15?

Smoking pot is NOT a know cancer risk, but, that doesn't rule out cancer. Having a bronchoscope procedure can be needed for a multitude of chronic and emergent lung conditions such as; obstructions... Read More »

Does Cigerette Smoking Cause Lung Cancer?

yes and no...there is strong causative evidence but no conclusive exclusive evidence concerning cigarettes and lung cancer...and all smoke is a lung and bronchi irritant (which is while there is no... Read More »