I Saw, This Morning ("House Call", CNN), people Saying that "Cancer Rates Are Falling", Do they Mean, "Cancer-?

Answer Agree with ZrepMD and Panda - - as usual.Here's the ACS data doctor Greg562,340 deaths in 2009 from cancer (estimated)565,650 deaths in 2008 Lung cancers in the USA peaked in the 1990's when I was ... Read More »

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People who choose alternative methods to cancer treatment.....Who gives them the diagnosis of cancer?

We recently used “alternative care” to help a family member in getting better from cancer. The cancer was diagnosed by the surgeon and a colorectal surgeon removed the tumor. However it was sta... Read More »

How many people here personally know someone with Cancer or has Cancer themselves?

How many people do you know with cancer or breast cancer?

I know I'll probably get booed because no one likes to believe it, but you know a cure was found for cancer in the 60s. The FDA alledgedly gets way too much money from "treatments" and drug compani... Read More »

Do people with cancer get offended when people shave their heads?

That's so entirely sweet, that you want to do this to help people. (: But here's the thing.. (: You don't have to shave your head to raise cancer awareness. Shaving your head is more of a "look at ... Read More »