How many people die yearly from smoking?

Answer Smoking is the the biggest killer in the United States, responsible for about one in every five deaths. According to the American Cancer Society, smoking kills approximately 443,600 people each yea... Read More »

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How many people die of lung cancer from smoking?

In the United States, approximately 80 percent of lung-cancer deaths in women and 90 percent of lung-cancer deaths in men are the result of smoking. Using those percentages, of the 159,217 deaths i... Read More »

I am tired of people saying I smell so good. Will smoking a pack a day make people back off from me?

Just don't put on your perfumeit's not that hard to small bad & have people back off. Don't smoke, it's a lame attempt to smell bad.

How many people quit smoking cigarettes and actually succeed?

hi LadyRazz congratulations on your decision to quit.. that's a biggie, as far as the statistics on cold turkey, i don't know... but my experience is that i had to quit several times, before final... Read More »

Can Marijuana get in your system from just being around other people smoking it?

I really don't know FOR SURE but most dr.s and Probation officers will tell you that know you can't get it in your systemfound this for you hope it helps Second hand marijuana smoke in a car can ca... Read More »