How many people die from Herpes?

Answer Herpes is a common virus that does not often lead to fatal complications. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "Most individuals have no or only minimal signs or sympt... Read More »

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How many people in Canada have herpes?

Approximately 8,000,000 people in Canada suffer from herpes. The exact number is unknown, because the Canadian government does not track such statistics. That number is extrapolated by Health Grade... Read More »

Should you avoid touching people if you have herpes?

You really should see doctor and get this checked out, it may not be herpes it could be a bacterial infection.If it is herpes on your hands then you may want to abstain from touching people (specia... Read More »

Can two people with herpes have a healthy baby?

I read that people with genital herpes r more susceptible to hiv?

People with herpes are more susceptible to contracting HIV because they have occasional open sores or blisters that HIV can travel through more easily. Herpes doesn't mutate into HIV, they are not ... Read More »