How many people die every day from AIDS?

Answer According to the U.S. Agency for International Development, 5,500 people die from AIDS daily. In 2008, about two million people died, with 25 million deaths recorded since the beginning of the AIDS... Read More »

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How many people die of AIDS in Africa every day?

According to an article in the World Watch Issue Alert, 6,000 Africans die from the AIDS virus each day, as of 2000. Eleven-thousand additional people are infected each and every day.References:Glo... Read More »

How many people have died from AIDS?

According to the World Health Organization's 2009 UNAIDS report, more than 25 million people worldwide had succumbed to HIV/AIDS by the end of 2008 (records have only been maintained since 1981). A... Read More »

How many people die from AIDS in Africa each year?

Between 1.1 and 1.7 million African people die of AIDS every year. The majority of AIDS-related deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa, where about 5 percent of the adult population has HIV or AIDS.Sou... Read More »

How many people die from epilepsy every year?

Epilepsy is a serious condition but, thanks to medications, excellent doctor care and patient education, can be controlled. People do die from epilepsy as a result of prolonged seizures. There is n... Read More »