How many people die a year from listening using headphones?

Answer I'm working on the same thing. I'll update this answer If I find out how

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How many people die a year from alcoholism?

The National Center for Health Statistics counted 22,073 deaths in 2006 as alcohol induced. This was up from a 1999 tally of 19,171 alcoholic deaths. The number of deaths related to drinking excess... Read More »

How many people a year die from vending machines?

A report in 1995 stated that on average, 2 people per year die from blunt trauma related to vending machines tipping over on them.

How many people die in a year in the USA from taking drugs?

On average 576,600 deaths are drug related in the United States annually. This includes alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. The highest death rates are linked to tobacco and alcohol, while no death... Read More »

How many people die a year from Russian roulette?

1 in 6 of the people who play it. Actually, the numbers are so low that I've never found any study or statistics on the subject. So it's fair to suppose it's a lower number than any you'll find in ... Read More »