How many people did Mt. Etna kill?

Answer Records show that in the past 3,500 years, approximately 77 deaths occurred at Mt. Enta due to volcanic activity. In 1843, 60 forest workers were killed by an explosion on the site. Since 1980, onl... Read More »

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How many people has Mount Etna killed?

Since 1500 B.C., there have only been 77 recorded deaths caused by the volcano Mount Etna. Because its lava flows slowly, people have time to get away unless they are in its direct path. Many sourc... Read More »

Do you kill people in the CIA?

How many people know this could kill them?

the car didn't accelerate to 90-the speedometer did because the wheels were just spinning. See the link for a good explaination. There are many warnings if you google"cruise control hydroplaning or... Read More »

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Marines must do as they are ordered by their officers; which may including killing.However they have the right to refuse certain orders that they know are criminal acts.