How many people did Mt. Etna kill?

Answer Records show that in the past 3,500 years, approximately 77 deaths occurred at Mt. Enta due to volcanic activity. In 1843, 60 forest workers were killed by an explosion on the site. Since 1980, onl... Read More »

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How many people has Mount Etna killed?

Since 1500 B.C., there have only been 77 recorded deaths caused by the volcano Mount Etna. Because its lava flows slowly, people have time to get away unless they are in its direct path. Many sourc... Read More »

How many people did Mauna Loa kill?

Mauna Loa is the world's biggest volcano, covering over half of the island of Hawaii. It has erupted 33 times in recorded history--most recently in 1984. These eruptions are generally small and hav... Read More »

How many people did Ivan the Terrible kill?

Nearing his death, Ivan the Terrible admitted to killing nearly 3,750 people when he sent a list of names of his victims for prayer. Under his reign, more than 60,000 Russian citizens were killed.S... Read More »

How many people did the polio vaccine kill?

There are no exact figures, but, as the most common serious side effect is due to a allergic reaction to the vaccine, and that reaction occurs less than 1 time per million doses administered, the n... Read More »