How many people did Ivan the Terrible kill?

Answer Nearing his death, Ivan the Terrible admitted to killing nearly 3,750 people when he sent a list of names of his victims for prayer. Under his reign, more than 60,000 Russian citizens were killed.S... Read More »

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Who was Ivan the Terrible?

Ivan the Terrible, also known as Ivan IV or Ivan Grozny, was born in 1530 and ruled Russia from 1544 until his death in 1584. He is considered the first Tsar of Russia, having given himself that ti... Read More »

What did ivan the terrible do for his country?

Ivan the Terrible, ruler of Russia from 1533-1584, greatly added to Russia's total land mass by combining the regions of Oprichnina and Duma. He also passed a new law code and renovated Russia's ar... Read More »

What city was ivan the terrible born in?

Ivan Vasilyevich, better known to history as Ivan IV or Ivan the Terrible, was born in Moscow in 1530. He ruled Russia from 1547 until his death in 1584. Ivan IV is best known for leading his count... Read More »

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