How many people default on their credit cards?

Answer About 8 percent of Americans with credit cards, or about 15 million, default on their credit cards each year, according to a March 16, 2009, article by Reuters.SourceReuters news service

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How many people default on credit card debt yearly?

There is about $905.6 billion in outstanding credit card debt, according to data released in July 2009 by the Federal Reserve. Delinquencies longer than 30 days account for 5.5 percent of all credi... Read More »

How many people carry credit cards?

According to, there were 173 million credit-card holders in the United States in 2006, and that number is projected to grow to 181 million Americans by 2010. Seventy-eight percent o... Read More »

How many people use credit cards in America?

An estimated 173 million Americans had at least one credit card in their wallets as of 2006, a number that is expected to grow to to 181 million in 2010, according to the U.S Census Bureau.SourceU.... Read More »

What is the default rate of credit cards?

Default occurs when a credit card holders fails to make payments according to the cardholder agreement. Consumers have defaulted on credit cards at record levels in 2009. Default rates vary by co... Read More »