How many people can the world feed?

Answer On One Hand: Plenty of Food ExistsThe world produces vast and diverse amounts of food. Crops continue to increase, as does our ability to transport food. "Our recent achievements are impressive," r... Read More »

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How many tiers of cake feed how many people?

According to the media publishers Wiley, the number of tiers required to feed a certain number of people depends on the shape and diameter of each tier. Most cake recipes make two round, 8-inch tie... Read More »

How many people can a cow feed?

Cattle raised for beef weigh about 700 lbs. Each cow will have about 400 lbs. (6,400 oz.) of usable meat. Using an average serving of 4 oz. per person, 6,400 oz. will feed 1,600 people. Cattle eat ... Read More »

How many pounds of pasta to feed 8 people?

How many pounds of chicken will feed 50 people?

According to the experts at the Food Network, each person should be served 1/4 to 1/3 of a pound of meat. For a party with a 50-person guest list, you should prepare about 17 pounds of chicken.Sour... Read More »