How many people can the world feed?

Answer On One Hand: Plenty of Food ExistsThe world produces vast and diverse amounts of food. Crops continue to increase, as does our ability to transport food. "Our recent achievements are impressive," r... Read More »

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How many people can a cow feed?

Cattle raised for beef weigh about 700 lbs. Each cow will have about 400 lbs. (6,400 oz.) of usable meat. Using an average serving of 4 oz. per person, 6,400 oz. will feed 1,600 people. Cattle eat ... Read More »

Any ideas for feed a LOT of people?

You can check online for free recipes. My pinterest page has a board titled "Ultimate Menu". This board has many, many delicious recipes that everyone will love.

How much chicken will feed 50 people?

If each person eats one-quarter of a chicken, 50 people will consume 12.5 chickens. According to the USDA, a fryer chicken weighs between 2.5 and 4.5 pounds. If two cooks buy 13 chickens weighing a... Read More »

What do you people feed your pets?

Taste of the Wild cat food. I'm vegan, she's not. She expresses her distaste for my diet by leaving me 'treats' on the back porch to try and change my mind.