How many people can i conference in on iphone 4?

Answer Pets are bonuses, just like weapons and abilities. Each time you level-up you have a chance to get a random bonus, which may turn out to be a pet at some stage.

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How to Three-Way Conference on an iPhone?

The iPhone has traditionally come out with the advent of a new software at least once a year, adding new features each time. One of the features of the iPhone is the ability to talk to multiple con... Read More »

Does the iPhone have conference calling?

The Apple iPhone has a conference call feature. According to, you merge the calls together after you dial the numbers. You can remove a caller, add another line or block one call from the... Read More »

When you text on iPhone 4 is it to only people on iPod iPhone and iPad?

How can American people afford apple products- I mean iphone 4 is way to much expensive that i can buy 4 android phones with all major features and quality compromise. Are american people that rich?

Every night, it should last all day unless you are continuously playing apps