How many people can be in the room during the delivery of a baby?

Answer Other than whom ever is giving birth, and not counting medical staff, generally 2.

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What does a delivery nurse do during a child delivery?

a delivery nurse only helps the doctor with getting the tools and helps holds the mothers legs up and when the baby is born the nurse takes the baby and washes it off and raps a blanket around it a... Read More »

How many minutes can a baby not breathe upon delivery and what is the safe limit?

Answer I think it is 4 minutes after delivery but the safe limit is 2 minutes.

How can a delivery room and a birthing room different?

Im sorry but i am trying to study for my child care exams and i can't find it eeither,im sorry i couldn't help:)

How many people are in the operating room?

It depends on the surgery. There's at least one doctor, a scrub tech/nurse, a circulating nurse, and an anesthetist at all times.