How many people can be in a party for a restaurant reservation?

Answer It is possible to make a reservation for that many people but you need to do it in advance. Many restaurants will have rules for large groups like no separate checks, and some won't seat you until ... Read More »

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How many people did the Black Panther party kill?

The Black Panthers were an anti-police group (in their "Ten Point Plan" for America, they singled out the police as an instrumental part of a U.S. "Police State"), and the police were their main ta... Read More »

How many large pizzas do I need for a party with 10 to 12 people?

I'd say you need at least 4 (depending on if there are going to be a lot of guys there, they tend to eat more). It's usually about 3 people to 1 large pizza. Hope this helped!

If I organized an Italo Disco party in the Bay Area, how many people would show up?

I would say a lot if you advertised well.put it in paper etc.

How many pans of dirty rice and mixed vegtables should i have for a party of 120 people?

really depends on the people and their appetite. i know i can eat maybe one and a half cups of rice at one sitting.for 120 people i am figuring how many cups since i don't how big the pans arei'd ... Read More »