How many people bout an IPhone in 2009?

Answer The iPhone 3Gs costs $200 dollars with a contract.The iPhone 3Gs costs $500 dollars without a contract.

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How many people in US Army as of 2009?

About how many people work for NASA in 2009?

Probably around 18.000.00 base workers.I have no idea of how many contract workers they employ but that number must be fairly high given the world wide research that NASA in involved in.

In 2009 how many people under the age of 21 enlisted in the US Army?

Contact the Department of Environmental Quality or the California Environmental Protection Agency and request a FOIA release on emissions from farms and orchards in the down wind area where you live.

How many people were killed by the teen gunman in the high school shooting in southwest Germany on Wednesday March 10 2009?