How many people bout an IPhone in 2009?

Answer The iPhone 3Gs costs $200 dollars with a contract.The iPhone 3Gs costs $500 dollars without a contract.

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How much an 8-gig iPhone cost in February 2009?

A 3G mobile is so good, because it means you can get goood signal from just about anywhere that has the slightest bit of signal,personally 3G mobiles are the only ones that are worth the money and ... Read More »

What is the new iPhone song from December 2009?

When all the TV changes by law to HD-TV in 2009 What happens to the people who can't afford HD-TVs?

You can already buy set-top converter boxes to view digital over air HD signals! Of course the quality won't be true HD but you'll get as good a picture as your tv can display. I had an HD set in m... Read More »

How many people in US Army as of 2009?