Why are there people from the States answering my questions Why they on the UK Yahoo?

Answer Idk but we're here.... what's up?

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Why do people bother answering questions with "thanks for the 2 points"?

Probably because they don't really have anything useful to say or are completely clueless on the topic.

Why do people who hate tattoos insist on answering tattoo questions?

a sign in the parlor when i got my first tatoo read, The difference between someone with a tatoo and someone without is, people with tatoo's don't care if you haven't got one.

Why do people, like myself, spend so much time answering these questions?

we answer ?s b/c were bored like i am really bored right now

Don't you love when people put Wikipedia as their source for answering questions on here?

As a computer scientist - and this issue has been discussed time and time again in my classes - you are right to a point. Where people can just go and put whatever they want, people do read and rep... Read More »