How many other people are tired of seeing guys with their pants sagging to their knees?

Answer I am tired of it as well but it is funny when you see someone wearing shorts like you described take off running only to go maybe 30 feet and his shorts fall down around his ankles tripping him cau... Read More »

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Can people add their iphone world war app alliance id's?

There is a great forum dedicated to iphone, facebook, myspace, etc. games that require friend codes (alliance codes) to increase strength.

Are Italians the only people in the world who get angry when you complement their country?

I'm Italian and Guly is totally right... Italian people generally love Italy when they miss it, when they're in another Country. I know, that's weird and I'm not one of them... Italy has its pros a... Read More »

How many people own their home in San Francisco?

According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the official home ownership rate in San Francisco as of the third quarter 2009 was 58.3 percent. This number represents a 3.4 percent decline from San Fr... Read More »

How many people get gray hair in their 20s?

Most people will begin to get gray hair in their late 20's. According to Diagnose Me, "Premature graying is defined as gray hair onset before late teens for Caucasians and before age 30 in Africans... Read More »