How to Avoid Talking to People?

Answer Are you desperately trying to avoid talking to that chatterbox across the room? With this article, you can!

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What is gear People keep talking about it.?

hey pappy.....this is an easy one to answer,.....ONLY GEARBOXES WEAR "GEAR"you know,the little fruitcakes on thier singer sewing machines that wear 1 or 2 piece outfits that have to match thier bik... Read More »

Why do people ignore me while I'm talking to them?

Well, Some people ignore /me/ because I'm quite annoying and I irritate quite a few people.

How to Deal With People Talking About You Behind Your Back?

What do you do when people are talking about you behind your back? Read this article to find out a way to solve your conflict!

Why did people get mad at Ray J talking about Kim recently and not Eminem?

Eminem is a great white hope. He's trash. Only 11year olds like him. they say the only rap they listen to is Eminem and then proclaim he's the best. How can you be the best if you don't compare? He... Read More »